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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31 - Wax Poetic's Favorite Recordings of 2008

This year we step away from tradition and bring you a show packed with spoken word cherry-picked from our expansive personal spoken word libraries.
The weather here in Vancouver has been especially inclimate and we could not, in good conscience, ask a murder of poets to brave the elements without being able to compensate them for their services.
So this year we get to "wax poetic" about the past year, and give you the heads up on what's up for the new year, spoken word-wise in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Poetry we'll be featuring work from the brand-new CD from AURAL HEATHER called "Princess Nut". The project is Heather Haley, Roderick Shoolbraid (shown above) and 'a sublime fusion of song and spoken word.' Shoolbraid is a dazzling guitarist, composer, sound designer and DJ. Haley is a maverick; a poet, singer, author and media artist often found pushing boundaries and always on the vanguard. 'A Canadian national treasure,' Haley started writing verse in high school influenced by poets like bp Nichol, ee cummings and Susan Musgrave.
Critics call the CD: 'brawny, uncompromising language from a voice that demands to be reckoned with'.
Find out more about the CD and Aural Heather here at: http://www.heatherhaley.com/aural_heather and tune in this Wednesday to hear our favorite track from the CD as well as mucho spoken word for your listening pleasure.

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