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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Frequency asked questions about the signal swap

"Why did you change frequencies?"
- our old transmitter was old (it was used in 1982 when we got it!) and dying
- our transmitter site rental fees were unsustainable (being raised by 900%!)
- this opportunity to change frequencies offered a solution that met our co-op's needs

"How does the station benefit from the new frequency?"
- new transmission equipment and back-up systems
- transmitter costs covered for 5 years
- 5 ad campaigns over 5 years
- financial support for the station which is being invested in projects that will increase the sustainability of the station

"How are you using the money that you got?"
- we consulted with members and other community organizations throughout 2011 in order to develop a plan
- our members wanted to make sure that 1) there was money left after 5 years and 2) the money was use to make the station more financially sustainable
- the money is NOT being used on operating expenses - that means we still need our members to keep the station running day-to-day!
- the money is being invested in projects that will help the station be more financially stable (e.g. new membership systems, implementing fundraising initiatives, etc.)
- we have already paid off our debt!
- the money helps but it is not a panacea - we are still member-owned and operated.  We cannot function without our members.

"How can I get involved in the station?"
- check out our website: www.coopradio.org
- come to a Station Orientation (3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm)

"What is this station?"
- we are a community radio station
- we don't air commercials
- all of our programming is produced by volunteers
- check out www.coopradio.org for a listing of our 90 different programs

"Where's the Peak?"
- CKPK is now broadcasting at 102.7FM

100.5 FM

Wax Poetic along with all the other programs on Co Op Radio are now broadcasting on the frequency at 100.5 FM.  The flip happened on Monday Sept 10th at 1:02pm.

You will still be getting all of our eclectic radio programming and spoken word guests dropping by just at the spot on the dial.

Out first show at 100.5 is Wed Sept 12th with Jayson McDonald.  Jayson is currently peforming his new play UNDERBELLY at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and luckily for us he's going to visit on his day off.  Underbelly is an exploration of the life of William S. Burroughs written in the voice of WSB but with all new text created by Jayson.  It's a brilliant show and he'll be telling us all about it.

We continue to have a great mix of "page" and "stage" poets drop by our studios.  Pam has done an excellent job getting folks as guests.  This year has seen the likes of Billeh Nickerson, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Heidi Greco, Bill Bisset, Jason Sunder, Raoul Hernandez, Alberto Cristoffanini, Missie Peters, Julie Peters, Jillian Christmas, Sonja Littlejohn, The Vancouver Poetry Slam Team, Evelyn Lau and tons of others as our guests.

Upcoming guests include Rene Saklikar and hopefully Sandy Shreve

If U would like to be a guest on our show feel free to email RC at rcarcee@yahoo.ca to check and see if we are booked.

If you have a spoken word CD you would like us to play on the air please snail mail it to the address attached to this link c/o Wax Poetic  www.coopradio.org

Or you can send MP3s as well to the email address above.

Thanks so much for listening. We're excited to be on our new frequency.