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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Gaggle of Young Poets

We had a great time on today's show with our 12 & 13 year-old guests, Clara Sarnelli, Hadley Meikle, and Natasha Agabob.

They read some really beautiful, profound poetry and all seemed very relaxed in front of the mic. I think Diane's pre-show radio horror stories helped to put them at ease.

I'm still working on the audio for this program, but hope to have the video before the end of the weekend.

Check the below for video from the show.

Natasha Agabob.

Clara Sarnelli

Clara and Diane, whom Clara says is one of her biggest inspirations. That's Clara's mom with the camera behind her.

Hadley Meikle waxes poetic for us. Her mom watches from outside the control room.

Natasha Agabob reads while Hadley Meikle looks on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wakefield Brewster

This week Wakefield Brewster joined us in studio and rocked the mic. It was amazing writing! Really dynamic! Now he's on to Victoria and then finally home again next week. Great to have the Lyrical Pitbull on board.

Performing in a musical capacity since age six and writing for the past 12 years, Wakefield has made his dynamic presence on the scene known with no uncertain terms. Writing in a political yet lyrical voice and performing with an audaciousness yet unseen, he has blasted onto over 100 spoken word stages across Toronto throughout the past year and can be experienced regularly at Poetica Reading Series, The Art Bar Reading Series and at the Oasis Open Stage Night. Wakefield's powerful poetry and captivating prose have been featured in a number of publications; both on the Internet and in print and has appeared on local radio programs. Constantly rotating between feature and open mike performances Wakefield has just returned from a hectic four-day gig at the Shambhala Festival in British Columbia where he performed for an audience of 6500 - 8,000. He has been scheduled to return to the festival next year. Most recently, Wakefield performed in the biggest Toronto poetry event without a headlining feature, "When Brothers Speak" produced by Up From The Roots. One of the city's most renowned Black poets, Wakefield is in the midst of a book project and is currently planning an Australian tour by the request of the internationally acclaimed Aussie poet, Ian McBryde. He is also planning a trip to New Zealand to attend the Outspoken 2000 Festival and has been invited by British spoken word performer Jem Rolls to bring his craft to England. Wakefield has also started his own monthly reading series entitled "Pitbull Poetry Reading Series", shows based out of The Oasis on the College Street Strip of downtown Toronto.

"Earth Birth" by wakefield brewster EN Conflict
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"Frozen" by wakefield brewster EN Other
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"Luna Her-Story" by wakefield brewster EN Other

Listen to the whole show here>>>

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jeffrey Armstrong

If you tuned in to the show, you will know that I wasn't there this week, and have had a lot of work not related to the show to deal with, so live photos or video this week, I'm afraid.

Our guest this week for our Valentine's Day special was mystical love poet, Jeffrey Armstrong.

Jeffrey, also known as Kavindra, has been writing poetry since he was 13 and to date he has a collection of over 1,400 poems on various subjects in many different styles. These particular poems literally “drop down” within a few minutes… he hardly can write as fast as they come out. They require no editing other than spelling and are truly a gift from the Divine!

Mystical poetry seeks to reproduce very subtle states of spiritual perception. In India, the Bhakti and Tantric schools of mystical poetry speak in a voice that longs for intimacy with the Divine Beloved. They attempt to reveal the emotions exchanged in the relationship between the soul and the Eternal Lover or Beloved God.

As an initiate of those ancient teachings, Kavindra embodies and is able to pass on the sublime fruits of those sacred traditions. This initiates the listener directly into the ecstatic emotional states of spiritual bliss. His poems are literally windows into the Divine realm that are revealed to him during profound states of meditation.

Jeffrey is also a sought-after motivational speaker.

Check out his website at www.jeffreyarmstrong.com

Listen to the show here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Return of Diane

Today's show was a laid-back affair. No in-studio guest, but we are excited that co-host and founder of Wax Poetic, Diane Laloge returned! Randy dug into his personal spoken word collections and pulling out some big guns. William Shatner rocked with a piece called "You've Got Time" with music by Ben Folds! Plus pieces by Truth Is, Broken Arms from Victoria, and Kimberly Dark!