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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poetry and Music with your hosts RC Weslowski & Mark Steinberg

Today's show featured recordings:

Shauntay Grant is a writer, spoken word performer, broadcast journalist and musician. She is Halifax's third Poet Laureate (2009/10), and she has shared her blend of poetry and music internationally at festivals and events. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/shauntaygrant#ixzz12aTZtUif

Kevin Fortnum has been part of the Toronto poetry scene for close to five years. He has featured at most local series and currently runs his own, She Rusty Sleep, in Hamilton. He recently released his first novel, Defamation of a Scoundrel.

Colleen Costello has been involved in music her whole life, playing and recording for the public since 1996, and touring Canada since 1999. The primary focus being writing and recording original music, performing live and touring. In 2003 she branched out into adapting music for the theatre environment, especially Children’s Theatre, having a special affinity for writing catchy and melodic tunes. Promoting her latest CD led to designing music for soundtracks and TV placement requests. 

Susan Cormier "is the Queen of Crows, a master of vivid and macabre poetry and performance. She pulls back the veil on violence, and the scars and bruises left when the darkness won’t stay inside."
~C.J. Leon, The East Vancouver Network of Love. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/queenofcrowsmusic#ixzz12aVHesPO

Lisa B (Lisa Baird[1]) is a political spoken word poet based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Since 2001, she has performed spoken-word poetry at shows around B.C. and in Oregon. She describes herself as a queer woman and an incest and violence survivor.[2]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poetry and Music with host SR Duncan

Featured recordings from:

Dirk Michener and Travis Catsull started playing New York City style experimental country music in 2002 on a balcony in Denton, TX. Naming themselves after the Pacific Northwest's most famous poet, Charles Potts, seemed to make perfect sense. After playing tons of campfires, house parties, mexican food restaurants and then a W. Coast tour the Windmill Band brought in new members and instruments. Now, their multi-harmonics are a blissed out spectacle of working man's country that never cease to intrigue and entertain. Funny, thought provoking and blatantly honest, their audience includes bikers, poets, folk enthusiasts, old people, indie rock fags and screaming drunk girls.

SR Duncan is a Vancouver based poet and host of Wax Poetic. He was involved in the emerging slam poetry scene in the 90s in Vancouver.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teresa Marsh reads from Enlightenment is Letting Go

In studio guest Teresa Naseba Marsh has many years of experience working with physically, emotionally, politically, and psychologically traumatized clients. She also works closely with, supervises, and teaches professionals working in the trauma and addiction fields. She is a registered nurse with certification in psychiatric and oncology nursing. Teresa completed her degree in nursing education and community health nursing science at the University of South Africa and a master of arts degree in counseling psychology at the Adler School in Chicago. She is the founder of her private practice, Thunzi Umphefumlo.

Teresa is the author of an oncology textbook for health care professionals published in South Africa and also the author of several papers in peer-reviewed journals. She works as a consultant with aboriginal communities with a focus on healing from residential school syndrome, trauma, and addictions. Teresa is a certified yoga teacher and teaches yoga and meditation, individually and in groups. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband Dr. David Marsh.