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Friday, January 11, 2008

Co-op News: CFRO Finally Enters the 21st Century

Radio Station Offers Its Programmers Podcasting Capabilities

In the 8 or so years I've been co-hosting and producing Wax Poetic, the biggest thorn in my side has always been how difficult it was to record our show for our own archival purposes and to be able to thank our guests in some small way for participating in our show.
Until now, the only way to obtain copies of our show would be to either bring in a tape and tape it ourselves, or burn a CD from the station's logger computer database, which was not accessible from any outside computer via the internet.

The difficulty with the first scenario is that a) tapes cost money and b) the studio's recorders don't always work or have even been stolen before.
The second solution relied on one of us (translate: ME) to either come about an hour before or after our show (with CD in hand). The guest had to bring their own CDs and I had to try and keep track of it. Not a good system.
The computer is used alot so it meant often have to go in quite early to be able to sit down and do it.
Now it is possible for anyone - average listener included - to listen to our show at any time.
And it means that i can open up my laptop anywhere and pull the show off the internet, edit it down if necessary, then post it on this blog.
I experimented with last week's show featuring slam poet Chris Gilpin and it worked flawlessly.

You too can listen to it by following this link.


Finally we have an effective archive of all the great poets who grace our studio every week.
Truthfully, it leaves me a little sad to think of the ones we've lost to the ether.
But kudos to Co-op anyway, for putting this technology in place and firmly in the hands of the people.

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